Christine Miscione is a Canadian fiction writer. She completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts, both in English Literature, at McMaster University and Queen's University, respectively. She also holds a Bachelor of Education in Language Arts.

Her work has appeared in various literary journals such as This Magazine, Lemon Hound, and The Puritan. In 2011, she was the recipient of the Hamilton Arts Award for Best Emerging Writer. In 2012, her story "Skin, Just" won first place in the Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile Editions CVC Short Fiction Contest.

Christine's debut short fiction collection Auxiliary Skins was published in 2013 and won the 2014 Relit Award for short fiction. In 2014 she published her first novel, Carafola, which was shortlisted for the Hamilton Literary Awards. More recently, Christine was a finalist for the 2018 KM Hunter Award for Literature, and won third place in both PRISM International's inaugural prize for short fiction and Prairie Fire's annual short fiction competition for her stories "The Water" and "Tessa".

Christine is a member of the LitLive Reading Series. She is currently at work on a short fiction collection and novel.

Auxiliary Skins

A Collection of Stories



  • AUXILIARY SKINS  -  Collection of Short Fiction
  • CARAFOLA  -  Novel


  • ON JOHN BERRYMAN  -  Lemon Hound
  • BALLOONS  -  Lackington’s
  • STIFF CAULKING  -  The Puritan


  • TIMOROUS IN LOVE  -  Narrativa Canadiense Contemporanea
  • SPRING  -  C.V.C. Short Fiction Anthology: 5
  • SKIN, JUST  -  The Stories that are Great Within Us
  • SKIN, JUST  -  C.V.C. Short Fiction Anthology: 2
  • HALLOUMI DETOX  -  Postscripts to Darkness
  • SO LONG, BIBBLY BOBBLY  -  Exile: The Literary Quarterly


  • UNDER ASHES  -  Third place winner of Antigonish Review's Sheldon Currie Fiction Prize
  • TESSA  -  Third-place winner of Prairie Fire's 2018 short fiction competition
  • THE WATER  -  2nd Runner-Up in PRISM International's Jacob Zilber Short Fiction prize
  • AUXILIARY SKINS  -  Winner of the ReLit Award
  • SKIN, JUST  -  Winner of CVC Exile-Vanderbilt Short Fiction Context
  • SPRING  -  Short-listed for the CVC Exile-Vanderbilt Short Fiction Contest
  • CARAFOLA  -  Short-listed for the Hamilton Literary Awards
  • HAMILTON LITERARY AWARDS WINNER  -  Emerging Writer Category


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